High Risk MCC Codes – Business Types

Merchant credit card processing industry adopted VISA MERCHANT CATEGORY CLASSIFICATION (MCC) CODES as a standard for organizing business types. MCC code that a processor assigns to a merchant is extremely important. This might mean the difference in being accepted or rejected, and in most cases the processing fees a merchant will be charged.  On top of credit card processing, an MCC code can have an impact on the rules and regulations that will apply to you, as well as IRS tax reporting.

Below are the common High Risk merchant categories, keep in mind they change very often.  We will do our best to keep them current.

Merchant TypeMCC Code
Account Funding6012
Adult Content7842
Airlines and Air Carriers4511
Animals by Mail7775
Answering Services—Telephone7399
ATM Cash Disbursements6011
Auto Warranty7774
Automated Referral Service9700
Banks, Credit Unions, Financial Institutions, Manual Disbursement6010
Banks, Financial Institution, Manual Cash Disbursements6010
Brokers—Mortgage, Loan or Loan Modificaiton8999
Busines Opportunities8999
Casino Gaming Chips7995
Check Cashing7772
Child Support Payments, Alimony9211
Collection Agency 7771
Continuity/Subscription Merchant— Direct Marketing5968
Credit Monitoring 7321
Credit Repair 8999
Credit Reporting Agencies7321
Cruise Lines, Ships 4411
Dating, Escort Services7273
Dealers—Securities, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Commodities, Bonds6211
Diet 5399
Direct Marketing—Catalog and Retail Merchant5965
Drugs, Drug business, Pharmaceuticals - MOTO/E-commerce5912
Exchange, Foreign Currency6051
Extended Warranty, Product warranty6300
Film Production, Distribution7333
Finance Companies7769
Financial Counseling Service7277
Financial Planners8999
Free Gift, Prize, Sweepstakes Products7768
Gambling - Racing, Car, Dog, Horse, Sports7766
Gift certificate and Stored Value7765
Herbal, Diet Supplements7763
Internet Payment Service provider7759
Internet Service Provider, ISP7758
Investor Services, Clubs7757
Loan Payments, Institution6012
Magazine Subscriptions (Direct Mail Only)5968
Male Enhancements7756
Marijuana dispensary 7755
Medical Discount Benefit Cards Programs7754
Money Orders—Wire Transfer4829
Money Transfer - Merchant7751
Mortgage Brokers8999
Network Hosting4816
Online/E-commerce smoke shop, e-cigarette, vape, tobacco5993
Payday Loan7750
Prepaid Calling Cards— Telecommunication Service4814
Product Warranties6300
Promoters—Sporting Events7941
Quasi Cash merchant7749
SEO 7746
Services— (Not Elsewhere Classified)7299
Sports Forecasting7745
Student Loan8999
Technical Support7744
Teeth Whiteners7743
Telemarketing Merchant—Outbound5966
Telemarketing Travel-Related Arrangement Services 5962
Ticket Agencies (Direct Marketing)5969
Travelers Cheques (Financial Institutions)6010
Video-text Merchants5967
Wagers, Betting7995
Web Hosting4816
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