Last year, the number of jobs in the cryptocurrency industry in the U.S. increased 5-fold

An enthusiast wrote bitcoin mining software on an old Toshiba T3200SX laptop running the MS-DOS operating system.

In C++ he created code to calculate a custom bitcoin block toThe device's ability to calculate it.

The 1989 computer is equipped with an Intel 80386 processor with a clock frequency of 16 MHz. During testing, the Toshiba T3200SX's mining performance was 15 H/s at a power consumption level of 39 W.

The developer claims that with such characteristics it would take 584 million years to produce the equivalent of $1. For comparison, the performance of the Raspberry Pi 4 microcomputer is up to 200,000 H/s.

He also tested the algorithm on a 1986 Toshiba T1100 Plus laptop. The device based on an 8086 CPU with a clock frequency of 7.1 MHz showed a performance of 3.6 H/s.

Written programs for miningThe enthusiast posted on his GitHub account the following information on old MS-DOS laptops.

Recall that in March 2021 miners used a Game Boy game console to mine the first cryptocurrency. The system produced a hash rate of 0.8H/s.Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes announced that the prefecture intends to convert 1% of the city's monetary assets into the first cryptocurrency, reports O Globo.

He presented the plan at the Rio Innovation Week online event, discussing the challenges of turning the Brazilian metropolis into an innovation hub with Miami Mayor Francis Sarems.

"We intend to launch the Crypto Rio project and invest 1% of the treasury in bitcoin," Paes said.

The politician also said that to attract innovation, the authorities will provide tax incentives to companies from the technology sector as part of the Porto Maravilha initiative to revitalize the city's port areas.

Sures stated that by doing something similar, Miami was able to poach several companies from Silicon Valley.

"We created a tsunami of opportunity. Many cities in the U.S. were raising taxes, and we were lowering them. We realized we could be at the forefront of innovation and invited them in," he added.

Officials from the prefecturee Rio de Janeiro told the publication that the authorities are considering the possibility of providing additional tax benefits in bitcoin. The discount could reach 10%, and they are now studying the legal side of the issue.

As a reminder, Suarez also previously confirmed that he was "open to exploring" the possibility of investing inThe Miami budget was converted into digital gold by 1%.

In March 2021, he talked about his desire to make the city a bitcoin-mining center and create a hub for cryptocurrency mining.

Plans to expand the use of digital gold in Miami also included the possibility of paying city employees inBTC.The price of Dogecoin rose more than 10 percent after Elon Musk announced that he would begin accepting the cryptocurrency at a Tesla store. The company began selling whistles, belt buckles and children's ATVs for Dogecoin on its website
The price of Dogecoin rose on Friday after Elon Musk announced the ability to pay for some Tesla merchandise and accessories with the cryptocurrency. "Tesla merchandise can now be bought for Dogecoin," the billionaire wrote on Twitter. At the time of publication, Dogecoin was up 13.4% to $0.194, according to CoinMarketCap.

At the same time, Tesla listed prices for some items in Dogecoin on its online store. For 835 Doge you can order a belt buckle with the Tesla logo, for 300 Doge - a Tesla whistle, made in the style of Cybertruck electric pickup truck. The price of the Cyberquad for Kids was 12,020 Doge.

The company explained that of the cryptocurrencies only Dogecoin is accepted for payment, and other digital assets sent by Tesla will not be returned to the buyer. Items purchased with Dogecoin cannot be returned or exchanged for cash, and it is impossible to cancel an order.

To purchase an item withDogecoin in the Tesla store, the buyer will need a "Dogecoin wallet" that supports transfers of this cryptocurrency. A fee will be charged.

Earlier in an interview with Time magazine, which named him man of the year, Musk called Dogecoin a more suitable cryptocurrency for payments than bitcoin, because transactions with it are faster and cheaper. In December Musk promised that Tesla would accept this currency as payment for some of its products.

Dogecoin was created in 2013 as a joke, its symbol - the Doge meme - depicts a Shiba Inu dog. The cryptocurrency became popular in 2021, helped by Musk's tweets: at the end of January, its price was less than $0.01, and in May it reached a record high of almost $0.73.Unnamed user purchased 8 million Dogecoin the day before Tesla announced it was selling merch for meme-cryptoval currency.
According to WhaleStats, the purchase cost Whale $1.4 million.e paid a commission of 0.000194295 BNB ($0.09).

Recall that on January 14 Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the start of sales of the corof the Dogecoin. Goods purchased for cryptocurrency cannot be returned or exchanged.

On the background of this statement, the price of the asset increased by 15%. The coin's current capitalization is $26.1 billion, according to CoinGecko.Nikita Semov, a practicing trader and founder of the Crypto Mentors project, talks about the current market situation.

On Friday, January 14, bitcoin showed a pullback to $41,680. Let's consider whether there is a probability of continuation of price decrease of the first cryptocurrency and from which key levels we should expect an upward movement.

Bitcoin price tested a key level of maximum long-term accumulation volume. A test of the PoC level at $41,800 with the appearance of a volume reaction indicatests on the high probability of continued growth in the short term.

Red clusters (squares), which appeared at the lowest levels, are also a confirmation. This indicates the interest of large buyers to purchase the asset below the $40,000 level.

It should not be forgotten that it is volume that moves the price of any instrument, including bitcoin. That's why targets should be set on the basis of large-volume accumulation zones. These levels are currentlyThe following are the following: $46,250, $47,000, and $49,250.

The priority scenario is an upward movement with the primary target for growth to $46,250. At fixing behind this key value the expectation is based on reaching the level of $49,250 (within the range) with correction from PoC to $47 000.Elon Musk announced the launch of sales of goods from Tesla for Dogecoin, and SpaceChain launched Velas blockchain node into space - these and other important cryptocurrency market news in our daily review.

Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini has agreed to purchase digital asset portfolio management platform BITRIA (formerly Blockchange) for financial advisors and asset managers.

The government-backedChinese blockchain platform Blockchain Services Network (BSN) intends to deploy the infrastructure to support NFT, not related to cryptocurrencies, at the end of January 2022. SCMP writes about it.

Singapore-based SpaceChain announced the successful launch of a payload integrated with the Velas blockchain node into space.

About seven out of ten digital asset investors in the U.S. have madehe first steps in the crypto space in 2021. Such results were obtained by Huobi Group analysts.

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) began selling goods for the meme-cryptocurrency Dogecoin, company CEO Elon Mas said.Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin conducted a poll on his Twitter, in which he asked about the most popular currency of 2035, excluding the second most capitalized cryptocurrency.

"You wake up in the year 2035, and 80% of transactions and savingsin the world are done in one currency, and it's not ETH. What currency do you think it will be?", he wrote.

More than 600 thousand people took part in the survey.

The winner in the vote was Cardano (42%), the closest to the leader was bitoin (38.4%). Solana gained 13.1%, and the US dollar gained 6.5%.

In the second poll, more than 358,000 participants chose TRON as the winner (51.3%). Binance Coin (22.8%), NEO (21.8%) and the digital yuan (4.1%) are located behind it in the voting.

In January, analysts at Bank of America preeds predicted Solana's status as Visa in the world of digital assets. In November 2021, Sam Bankman-Fried, head of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, noted the chances of the asset becoming the next Ethereum or bitcoin.

Experts at CoinGecko estimated that investing in Solana were the most profitable in 2021 among the top 30 coins.

Recall that Joey Krug, co-director of investments at Pantera Capital, said that in 10-20 years up to 50% of all transactions in one form or another will be made through Ethereum.The total supply of USD Coin Stablecoin (USDC) from the Centre consortium on the Ethereum blockchain exceeded the Tether (USDT) for the first time.

According to Etherscan, as of this writing, over 40 billion USDC have been issued on the network of the second most capitalized cryptocurrency. The value of the competitor was ~39.83 billion USDT.

Stablecoin USDT is available in eight networks: Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Liquid Network, Algorand, Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), Omni, Solana and Avalanche. USDC is released in seven blockchains: Ethereum, Algorand, Solana, Stellar, Tron, Hedera Hashgraph and Avalanch.

For two of the assets, the Ethereum network is dominant.

Speaking to The Block, a Circle spokesperson cited the widespread use of USDC in the DeFi sector as one of the main reasons for the growth. He also noted that the increase in Ethereum supply has been influenced by significant movementsThe market has been experiencing a decline in the last few months.

According to Tether Technical Director Paolo Ardoino, USDT, unlike its competitors, does not rely as much on the DeFi sector in the context of increased supply. He explained that the demand for the asset is mainly due to its popularity among institutional investors and price usersThe main reason for this is that it was not possible to use the platform.

Onchain data supports these theses. According to Glassnode, more than 42% of USDC's total supply is blocked in smart contracts. For USDT, the value was ~22%.

At the same time, another reason for this dynamic is the increased popularity of USDT on the Tron network. Since the beginning of 2021, the supply of stabelcoin on this blockchain atThe volume of the Ethereum network increased almost six-fold - from 6.8 billion USDT to 38.75 billion USDT. For comparison, the Ethereum network issued 39.83 billion USDT.

For the USDC, Ethereum remains the main network. This blockchain accounts for more than 88% of the total supply of the asset.

As a reminder, Protos analysts estimated that between 2014 and October 2021, nearly 55% of USDT was issued on demand by Cumberland Global and Alameda Research.Bitcoin's share of cryptocurrency payments fell by about a third in 2021, a major operator noted. Private users and businesses are increasingly using alternative digital currencies - Ethereum, the "meme" Dogecoin, and cryptocurrencies tied to real currencies or exchange-traded commodities
Bitcoin's share of cryptocurrency payments fell by about a third in 2021, one of the largestThe most important platform for such transactions is BitPay.

Bitcoin's share of cryptocurrency payments in 2021 was 65 percent, up from 92 percent in 2020, Bloomberg reported. People and businesses are more likely to pay with other cryptocurrencies in 2021. Ethereum, the second most capitalized cryptocurrency, accounted for 15% in 2021, while the share of "stabelcoins," whose exchange rate is tied to real currencies or commodities, reached 13%. 3% came from cryptoDogecoin, Shiba Inu and Litecoin, support for which only appeared on BitPay last year.

People and businesses have been using "stabelcoins" more often because they are less volatile than other cryptocurrencies: their price, due to their collateralization with real assets, should not fall much following the collapse of other digital assets. The decline in bitcoin's share of payments could also be due to its 40% year-over-year rise in price, Bloomberg suggested: many cryptocurrency owners decided to save it instead of spending it.

According to BitPay, in 2021, cryptocurrencies were spent to buy luxury goods, jewelry and watches, cars, yachts, and gold. Transactions involving the purchase of premium goods rose to 31% in 2021, up from just 9% in 2020, BitPay CEO Stephen Peir told Bloomberg.

Bitcoin from TradingView
Bitcoin in November 2021but set a historical record in value, reaching nearly $69,000. However, a collapse followed, and on January 10 the value of the cryptocurrency fell below $40,000 for the first time since September 2021. Goldman Sachs analysts, meanwhile, predicted that bitcoin will rise in price to $100,000 in early 2022. According to experts, bitcoin will take an increasing market share from gold, which is traditionally considered a "safe" asset for investorsв.On Monday, January 17, the price of bitcoin is falling. As of 09:45 MSK, the first cryptocurrency is trading at $42,817.62 (-0.82%), according to CoinMarketCap.

Ether has fallen to $3278.9 (-1.41%). Binance Coin fell 1.9% to $486.19.

The Cryptocurrency Fear and Greed Index has been hovering between 21-23 for the past seven days - in strongThe fear was in the middle of that range on Monday morning.

Meanwhile, the value of all coins tracked by CoinMarketCap fell 0.5% over the past day to $2.05 trillion. By and large, a sideways range here as well, $2-2.1 trillion, has been prevalent over the past seven days, marking forA quiet struggle between the bulls and the bears. It remains to be seen whether this means fatigue from the turbulent movements of the past months, or preparation for a strong new momentum.

For now, the local victory is on the side of the bears, who dominate the top coins at the moment, taking 0.8% off the bitkoin to 5.7% at Polkadot in the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin failed to develop growth momentum last week and is back to the $41,000-42,000 consolidation area, approaching it from above. The development of the decline from these levels in the coming days will be a development of the downtrend since November, deployedBTC/USD from the upper boundary of the descending channel. The bearish scenario assumes a failure to $31,000 by the end of this week to close the July gap. But the doors for such a decline will open only after the bulls surrender the $40,000 level, which they managed to hold in September and earlier in January

The largest U.S. retailer Walmart (NYSE:WMT) is joining the list of companies looking to capitalize on the next-generation Internet - Web3 and the meta universe - by registering several new trademarks in late December, hoping to produce and sell virtual commodities. In addition, he also plans to create his own cryptocurrency and NFT, writes Business Insider.

Walmart is in line for Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Nike (NYSE:NKE), Ralph Lauren Corp Class A (NYSE:RL), Bumble (NASDAQ:BMBL), Disney (NYSE:DIS) and several other companies that plan to claim their own cornerto the meta-universe.

In the application, Walmart listed various virtual goods it plans to sell, including electronics, appliances, clothing, home goods, toys and personal care products. The company also plans to create its own method of paying for goods with cryptocurrency and to issue non-interchangeable tokens or NFTs. Walmart's applications were filed on December 30.

"Walmart is continually exploring how new technologies may impact future shopping experiences," the company said in an email.

Нespite many companies' plans for a meta-universe, their leaders still don't know how to create a full-fledged meta-universe. According to analysts at Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS), a meta-universe could fetch $8 trillion, but the problem is getting consumers to buyь.On Monday morning, the value of the Cardano cryptocurrency exceeded double digits: it was up 8% in 24 hours and more than 26% in a week.

Cardano, the fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is the most efficient cryptocurrency in the Top 10.

Recall that Cardano (ADA) was hovering around $1.26 before last weekend, and hit a high of $1.5020 this morning, up 20% in 48 hours.

A possible reason for Cardano's rise was the news regarding the officialthe announcement of the launch of Pavia, Cardano's meta-currency and gaming project NFT, via a widely circulated press release that was titled "Meta-currency has hit the Cardano blockchain."

Pavia is an NFT gaming metacurrency that positions itself as a direct competitor to popular cryptocurrency metacurrencies such as Sandbox and Decentraland. The Pavia project was created in September 2021, and in October the first random allocation of land for sale was announcedin the metacommuniverse.

According to the press release, has a total of about 100,000 sites, each marked as a unique NFT with precise coordinates.

Meanwhile, 60 percent of those plots were sold between October and November 2021, with the final sale taking place in the first quarter of 2022.

Pavia's website emphasizes that the project's success depends on the support of the Cardano community, which currently has 8,300 registered plot owners: "This digital world will be successful only with the love and support of the Cardano community. currently has over 8,300 owners. Each plot represents a unique Cardano NFT (CNFT) number based on coordinates in".

And while the Pavia meta-universe uses its own cryptocurrency, $PAVIA, rather than Cardano, the latter's rapid recent rise was more a reaction to this news as a result of the association of the Cardano name with the meta-universe concept than an expectation of a further ADA rally.

IfIf you follow the movements of the currency on the chart, last night this cryptocurrency overcame short-term resistance at $1.42, which seems to have renewed buying interest in it. A confirmed break above the key threshold of $1.50 would be another bullish signal.

In this context, the next important target is the December 27 high of $1.5910 and the psychological threshold at $1.60. On the other hand, the first support for the currency is around $1.40-1.42.U.S. companies working with cryptocurrencies are actively recruiting new employees amid growing interest in this industry, writes MarketWatch, citing a LinkedIn study.
The number of job openings in phe last year jumped by 395%, or fivefold. At the same time, the number of vacancies in the tech sector as a whole grew by 98%.

IT industry giants, including Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:FB) (formerly theFacebook), Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), as well as Wall Street financiers including JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM). and Fidelity.

Digital currency professionals in San Francisco, New York and Den.The largest demand is for developers and engineers, accounting for 15 percent of all job openings in the sector, according to LinkedIn. Developers and engineers are in the highest demand, with these two positions accounting for 15.6 percent of all job openings in the sector.

AverageA U.S. web developer's salary (not including bonuses) is just over $75,000 a year, while a blockchain developer earns on average twice that - $154,500 a year, according to the website ZipRecruiter.

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